Collection of NIKO tables

A collection of furniture that includes shelves, consoles and coffee tables. This form will work in any interior.

Bookstand RAVE BASIC 110 – oak(3395), black

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Console RAVE BASIC 3F 110 – black(7919), gold

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Coffee table RAVE BASIC 80 – oak(3395), black

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Discover our collection of NIKO coffee tables!

A well-organized space is the basis for a comfortable life. Functional, nice furniture will help you arrange the apartment in such a way that everything you need is always at hand. Tame home appliances and decorations with the Rave furniture collection. It consists of subtle, light shelves, coffee tables and an original console. Items are important. Books, films, clothes, gadgets – we store them on the shelves all our lives. They constitute our world, everyday life, they testify about us. So it is a pity to stuff them into a corner, especially the valuable or the most liked ones. A modern console or a metal shelf, thanks to them all important items will not only find their place, but also present themselves perfectly. We offer a variety of metal industrial furniture for storage – our shelves are hand-made furniture, they remember the retro style and feel the Scandinavian style, practical, beautiful and original. So come on hold your world.