Coffee table with wooden top and metal, original base. Lightweight design and aggressive design.

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Memo Wood is a collection of coffee tables, a side table and a console, which prefers modernity, but does not renounce tradition. Hence the wooden desktop – as classic as it gets. Combined with the metal basis, it fits any interior type – not only the industrial one, but also those more stylistically neutral and heterogeneous. One of the advantages of those tables is their light form. Thanks to it, the tables do not dominate the space, but they enrich and supplement it effectively. It is a practical, interesting piece of furniture, both for a daily room, a bedroom, and an office.

Simplicity and imagination.

The Memo Wood table is wooden twin of the Memo table – almost the same, but with a wooden top. Its original form attracts design buffs. Look at its base. It is like a puzzle, a labyrinth – you don't know where a given line ends, and where it starts. This cheerful mess combined with the minimalistic top creates a fantastic effect. Simplicity, which plays with crazy imagination in one team.
It is recommended to use pads under hot objects that are placed on the top.

NOTE! The product is available in a wide range of colors. Select the color in the CUSTOMIZE / DESIGN tab.


A series of lamps with three dimensional shapes. Suitable for modern interior. Various colors available.

You do not have to be good at spatial geometry to know these lamps are great. Based on an ingenious idea in its simplicity, they delight with an interesting form. Therefore, we have a bare light bulb and a three-dimensional shape - triangle, rectangle or square - that is all. Why would we need more?
In three dimensions.
Spatial figures serve as the frame of these lamps. They represent their originality. The lightweight framework, although attractive to the eye, does not dominate the interior. Instead, it provides an interesting accent. Among the Metric and Trimetric lamps you will find both floor lamps, table and hanging lamps. One such lamp is a distinctive design element. If you want, you can try out more and create one original composition. Cable in black braid.

NOTE! Select the color in the CUSTOMIZE / DESIGN tab.

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