Upholstered DREAM bed consisting of two sets and a headboard.

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Dream bed. Could there be a more apt name for a piece of furniture in which the most beautiful dreams are born every night? However, there are many more advantages of our bed: great softness combined with elasticity, full of elegance, subdued colors – with the durability of the material covering the furniture. Have you ever wondered how much life you spend lying in bed? Scientists have proven that up to 30%. It’s a lot of time! So it would be nice to spend this time as pleasantly as possible, even if it’s a continental bed. A designer bed should not only be comfortable, but also visually attractive … durable. Continental beds will prove themselves not only in the comfort of a home bedroom, but also as hotel furniture. A sleepy man could lie on our beds all his life.

At CustomForm, we prove once again that the best ideas are usually also the simplest. Dream is a great illustration of this thesis. A double bed, which consists of … two beds, each 70, 80, 90 or 100 cm wide. The advantage of this solution is that, if necessary, it can be divided into two separate sleeping places. Let’s add – without the slightest loss of user comfort. However, this separation shouldn’t take too long. After all, the Dream bed is a piece of furniture designed to provide maximum comfort on a daily basis. The DREAM bed also includes a headboard mounted to the wall, 60 cm high, the length will be adjusted to the size of your choice.

The Dream bed is an extremely versatile piece of furniture when it comes to the possibility of adaptation to various types of interiors. The strictness and simplicity of the form qualify Dream to rooms in a modern, minimalist, Scandinavian or eclectic style. The lack of unnecessary details makes the bed’s design timeless. Thanks to this, it can fulfill its function in any space. It is worth adding that this piece of furniture will be perfect for both a home bedroom and a hotel room or apartment.

The set does not include a mattress – write to us and we will help you choose it!
Choose the color that suits you best! Available colors of upholstery and woodwork in the CUSTOMIZE / DESIGN tab. The price depends on the type of fabric selected.
Please be advised that all dimensions of upholstered furniture are given in cm with a tolerance of +/- 2%.

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