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Classic and comfortable chair on wooden legs. It suits both the dining room and the home office.

RICH ET22 rich ruchome piaski
RICH ET38 rich butelkowa zielen
RICH ET80 rich atramentowy
RICH ET85 rich morskie fale
RICH ET90 rich platyna
RICH ET91 rich stalowy
RICH ET95 rich karbon
RICH ET100 rich czarny
FRUITY RV21 fruity kokos
FRUITY RV36 fruity zielony agrest
FRUITY RV38 fruity avocado
FRUITY RV41 fruity marakuja
FRUITY RV59 fruity figa
FRUITY RV61 fruity soczysta zurawina
FRUITY RV62 fruity owoc lychee
FRUITY RV81 fruity aronia
FRUITY RV87 fruity borowka amerykanska
FRUITY RV96 fruity szary bez
STONE ML02 stone perla
STONE ML09 stone arenit
STONE ML61 stone ametyst
STONE ML69 stone hematyt
STONE ML72 stone malachit
STONE ML73 stone topaz
STONE ML76 stone azuryt
STONE ML84 stone kwarc
STONE ML98 stone bazalt
Stolarka - 7092 - buk naturalny
Stolarka - 7030 - buk orzech
Stolarka - 7001 - buk biały
Stolarka - 7002 - buk czarny


It used to be better – funnier comedies were filmed, more ambitious songs were written, games were more „playable”, and eating was healthier. Some say that furniture was better as well – more durable and comfortable. The Lulu series of chairs originated from this nostalgia and love for fine things. Chairs in the vintage style.

Vintage is a promise.

The vintage style is like a promise. You say vintage, you think: „nice”, „stylish”, „properly made”. No wonder that designers around the world are eager to follow the example of what has already passed – they take handfuls from old patterns, inspire themselves, want to capture the past. It is no different in the case of the Lulu chairs – modest, but expressive. Comfortable, but still tasteful. These chairs are perfect for rooms that have a soul. Or wish to have it – with Lulu it is possible.

NOTE! The product is available in a wide range of colors. Select the color upholstery and base in the CUSTOMIZE / DESIGN tab. The price depends on the type of fabric selected.
Wooden elements of finish of the product can be produced in colours: natural – light wood, walnut – dark wood, white and black.
We inform that all dimensions of upholstered furniture are given in cm with a tolerance of +/- 2%.

Custom Concept

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