A collection of furniture – a book-case, tables, console. Its light form will work in any room.

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A well-organized space is the basis for convenient life. Functional, nice furniture will help you manage your apartment so you have everything you need always at hand. Control your household equipment and decorations with the RAVE collection furniture. It includes subtle, light racks, coffee tables and an original console.

The discreet charm of practicability.

Both the Rave racks, and the console, stand out with their interesting design. The wooden shelves fastened in a non-standard manner to narrow profiles will match the space perfectly, not littering it. They give instead the sense of freedom, breath, free space. On them, you can put your books, magazines, things you use every day, or decorations – a vase with flowers, or a coloured flowerpot. Its nice asymmetry attracts your guests’ attention and brings life to the whole arrangement. Wood matches the climate of classic, and modern interiors.
It is recommended to use pads for objects that are placed on the top, e.g.. vases with water.

NOTE! Select the color in the CUSTOMIZE / DESIGN tab.

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