Extensive, comfortable design armchair. Perfectly combines classic style with modernity.

RICH ET22 rich ruchome piaski
RICH ET38 rich butelkowa zielen
RICH ET80 rich atramentowy
RICH ET85 rich morskie fale
RICH ET90 rich platyna
RICH ET91 rich stalowy
RICH ET95 rich karbon
RICH ET100 rich czarny
FRUITY RV21 fruity kokos
FRUITY RV36 fruity zielony agrest
FRUITY RV38 fruity avocado
FRUITY RV41 fruity marakuja
FRUITY RV59 fruity figa
FRUITY RV61 fruity soczysta zurawina
FRUITY RV62 fruity owoc lychee
FRUITY RV81 fruity aronia
FRUITY RV87 fruity borowka amerykanska
FRUITY RV96 fruity szary bez
STONE ML02 stone perla
STONE ML09 stone arenit
STONE ML61 stone ametyst
STONE ML69 stone hematyt
STONE ML72 stone malachit
STONE ML73 stone topaz
STONE ML76 stone azuryt
STONE ML84 stone kwarc
STONE ML98 stone bazalt
CALM OX19 calm metaliczny
CALM OX28 calm grafitowy
SPARK MT01 spark zorza polarna
SPARK MT05 spark palona kawa
SPARK MT11 spark zolty narcyz
SPARK MT12 spark turkusowy amulet
SPARK MT13 spark granatowe niebo
SPARK MT14 spark szare niebo
SPARK MT15 spark chmura burzowa
SPARK MT16 spark gwiazdzista noc
UNEVEN 1310 uneven kurkuma
MOTIF KE700 motif ciemna pepita
OLSEN OL05 olsen cappuccino
OLSEN OL08 olsen rozowa beza
OLSEN OL11 olsen herbata mietowa
OLSEN OL12 olsen gorgonzola
OLSEN OL17 olsen kawior
OLSEN OL18 olsen turkusowa pianka
OLSEN OL19 olsen jezyna
GARDEN NP06 garden jesienny lisc
GARDEN NP09 garden malwa
GARDEN NP10 garden rozowy irys
GARDEN NP11 garden swierk srebrzysty
GARDEN NP12 garden szmaragdowy las
GARDEN NP14 garden jodla
GARDEN NP19 garden kora debu
GARDEN NP16 garden granatowa hortensja
Wood - 7092 - beech natural
Wood - 7030 - beech walnut
Wood - 7002 - beech black
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Gustav is not only a strong Germanic name, but also – in principle – a strong guy who draws extensively on life. He has fame, power and respect. We have named our armchair Gustav not by accident. It is an excellent seat for those who want to feel confident, even at rest. And also for those who desire stability and like solid things. Gustav is a royal seat – both for seniors and for anyone who likes to relax… like a king.

Royal rest.

The Gustav armchair is a good piece of work. Work worthy of a king. The armchair was designed by native designers, and made (in our furniture factory) by a Polish team of talented professionals. Therefore, Gustav is not only a comfortable chair, but also very durable and refined in detail. It can serve its owner for many years, just like a throne. Gustav fits everywhere as we sell it in many different colours.

NOTE! Choose the color that suits you best! Available upholstery and base colors in the CUSTOMIZE / DESIGN tab. The price depends on the type of fabric selected.
Wooden elements of finish of the product can be produced in colours: natural – light wood, walnut – dark wood, white and black.
We inform that all dimensions of upholstered furniture are given in cm with a tolerance of +/- 2%.

Custom Concept

Zaprojektowane i wyprodukowane w Polsce przez CustomForm

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Weight 6.0000 kg