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Loft industrial lamps hanged on a cable with round lampshade and numerous compositional possibilitie

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The GLASS industrial hanging lamps were made in a natural way – they were born from inspiration with hanging lamps available in our offer, which are quite popular among our customers. We speak of the POPO and COBEN HANGMAN designer hanging lamps. The GLASS designer hanging lamps are a characteristic combination of these unique elements and give the character of metropolitan style – they are slightly nonchalant, minimalistic, and exceptionally effective.
The collection consists of:
GLASS hanging lamps are available with either one, two, five, or seven lampshades. We offer the lampshades in two sizes: S (14 cm diameter) and M (20 cm diameter). They remind an eccentric mix of cables hanging from ceiling that seems to be careless, but in reality, it is thoroughly designed. What is more important, you can hang them according to your preferences.
The GLASS hanging lamps are available with either one, two, three, or four lampshades. The lampshades are available in M size (20 cm diameter). In this case you can also arrange the cables, however it is possible to acquire more symmetric compositions.
Why the GLASS lamps will beautify your apartment?
Their great advantage is minimalism. The lampshades are glass, milky, and shiny. The black cable stands out at a uniform background. The possibility to connect numerous lampshades within one lamp and illuminating a room in an effective way is not without significance. The GLASS industrial hanging lamps give the feeling of artistic exposition and give your apartment a creative and open climate.
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