A collection of longitudinal lamps made of natural wood in various sizes.

Wyprodukujemy dla Ciebie do 15 dni roboczych.


A wooden table, a wooden chest of drawers, a wooden wardrobe – this is already a classic. Would you like to enrich it with a wooden lamp? Line Plus Wood lamps are real originals compared to other lamps. They are made of natural wood which is an unusual and bold solution. The lamps work great together not only with similar, wooden elements of the interior, but also look great with other materials – metal and plastic. No wonder – wood is universal, it fits everywhere.

Originals among lamps.

Line Plus Wood lamps can be adapted to your needs. They are available in two colours (walnut and oak), in various sizes, as well as in a hanging version and in the form of a plafond. Their longitudinal shape is ideally suited to the dining room, illuminating the family table during a common dinner or in the rest area of the house, above the sofa and armchair, brightening social meetings and relaxation with a book.

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