Industrial lamps equipped with a characteristic disc that gives them a funny character.

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You look at the ceiling and what do you see? Is it a bird? Plane? Maybe a space saucer? No, these are loft lamps from the SKIVA collection! Funny hanging baubles are characterized by a characteristic metal „disc” located above the lampshade or thread. They will effectively illuminate a loft or other industrial space.
The collection includes two types of lamps. SKIVA lamps are very simple and typically loft. The bulb glowing with warm light comes straight from a black, subtle thread, above there is a small disk, and then a black string of the cable. SKIVA BALL are even more fancy. They have a milky, balloon-like lampshade, and the disk above it is twice as large as the base. Design SKIVA BALL lamps will prove themselves not only in a loft, but also in a classic living room. Both the industrial SKIVA lamps and the charming SKIVA BALL spheres are available in three sizes: S, M and L.

Industrial lamps with a fun, effective design.

Designer hanging lamps from our collections are not only designed to illuminate the space, but also attract the eye. It is no different in this case. Industrial pendant lamps SKIVA and SKIVA BALL immediately direct the eyes to the ceiling, they are an expressive element of space. Soon we will expand the collection of these fancy lamps with designer wall lamps and desk lamps.

We invite you to browse our offer! Designer furniture Customform online store offers not only industrial furniture, but also Scandinavian furniture, including Scandinavian lamps. There is a lot to choose from!

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