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A practical, industrial-style side table. With light form which avoids to overload space.

RAL - 9003 - biały
RAL - 9005 - czarny
RAL - 1111 - złoty


What is this construct? Looks like a riddle or an optical illusion! This is our tiny yet powerful player – the SIDER METAL side table. It fits anywhere, being helpful and practical, never any obstacle, more to the contrary.
Side tables and industrial furniture
The one who invented side tables certainly kept their feet on the ground. Particulary these days, being surrounded with gadgets of any sort, more than glasses, books and magazines, as mobile phones, cameras, tablets, other devices and annoying cables and power adapters clutter our space. We like to keep them close, at arm’s reach. This is where a side table comes in handy. Minimalist furniture of such type can be placed in strategical place, with no disturbance of comfort, yet a useful and practical addition in our space.
With form comes class – industrial furniture and the philosophy behind it
Loft furniture come with its own philosophy. Most of all: not to be a burden. Just as our side table shows, with its light edges and simple structure. Next: do not complicate. Minimalist furniture are rid of any trinkets. Finally: to be practical. The SIDER METAL side table is as practical as possible, in its simple form. You can use it in your living room (if preferred, there can be more, spread around the apartment as an interesting visual concept) or in a tiny studio flat where space is to be respected and conserved. With respect to that, our designer furniture is unrivalled. You can choose its colour for yourself.

Designer furniture for you!
If you want to see with your own eyes how impressive may be a collection of our industrial furniture, please visit our store. The Chorzów Showroom provides abundance of furniture to be seen, and you can also find a lot other things there: Nordic-style furniture, hotel furniture or industrial lamps. Visit us!

NOTE! Choose the color that suits you best! Available colors in the CUSTOMIZE / DESIGN tab.

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