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The timeless collection of CARL furniture – retro style in a new version.

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We present a timeless lounge set that will fit into almost any interior. The CARL furniture collection is a tribute to the past decades – thanks to this proposal, you will bring a bit of nostalgia and a note of the past to your projects. Retro is back in a big way! We love to draw from the past, enrich it with modern accessories to create something timeless and effective.
CARL furniture catches the eye with a frame made of varnished beech wood. This bright color scheme will suit practically any interior – both modern and classic. Furniture is simply created for the vintage style. The customize option offers a choice of wood and fabric colors so that everyone can find furniture that matches the dominant interior colors.
The CARL collection includes:
• a 2-seater sofa that will work in smaller rooms, ensuring comfortable rest,
• a 3-seater sofa as a complement to the relaxation area – designed for larger spaces,
• armchair – comfort and convenience on „your piece of floor”.
Attention! Please be advised that all dimensions of upholstered furniture are given in cm with a tolerance of +/- 2%.

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Armchair CARL

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