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A series of modular sofas. Connect the elements of the MODU into your own favorite combination.

RICH ET22 rich ruchome piaski
RICH ET38 rich butelkowa zielen
RICH ET80 rich atramentowy
RICH ET85 rich morskie fale
RICH ET90 rich platyna
RICH ET91 rich stalowy
RICH ET95 rich karbon
RICH ET100 rich czarny
FRUITY RV21 fruity kokos
FRUITY RV36 fruity zielony agrest
FRUITY RV38 fruity avocado
FRUITY RV41 fruity marakuja
FRUITY RV59 fruity figa
FRUITY RV61 fruity soczysta zurawina
FRUITY RV62 fruity owoc lychee
FRUITY RV81 fruity aronia
FRUITY RV96 fruity szary bez
STONE ML02 stone perla
STONE ML09 stone arenit
STONE ML61 stone ametyst
STONE ML69 stone hematyt
STONE ML72 stone malachit
STONE ML73 stone topaz
STONE ML76 stone azuryt
STONE ML84 stone kwarc
STONE ML98 stone bazalt
SKU: SF001MODU-130-95BL


Cool design, but incorrect dimensions? Matching colour, but too large width? Arranging your own apartment makes the most trouble when we start to measure centimetres. Then it turns out that the interior is too narrow/too low/too small or too large to accommodate our dream furniture. How to handle it? The series of modular furniture – Modu – is a remedy for this ailment.

Create your own sofa!

Modu sofas will satisfy not only those who cannot handle the centimetres. They will be great for interesting design enthusiasts and anyone who likes being creative. Individual segments of Modu sofas allow creating all sorts of combinations – large or narrow, but always comfortable, e.g. corners and pouffes. Each element can be combined with another one, creating additional variations of one piece of furniture – to meet your discretion and needs for that dream effect. Practically, comfortable and phenomenal!

NOTE! Choose the color that suits you best! Available upholstery colors in the CUSTOMIZE / DESIGN tab. The price depends on the type of fabric selected.
Cushions are not included in the module – write to us to buy them!
We inform that all dimensions of upholstered furniture are given in cm with a tolerance of +/- 2%.

Custom Concept

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